We support you to be your own healer with holistic well-being

Take health and well-being into your own hands and live to your true potential! Here you can find easy access and personal consultations for the most pressing wellbeing goals and health concerns.

• A truly holistic assessment aiming for the root-causes.

• A personal plan for nutrition, routines, self-tests & natural supplements, tailored to your unique needs.

Proven and science-backed products & services through experienced partners.

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Some time ago, I was hopeless and wrecked with a chronic gut disease. My Holofy advisor pointed me at some studies and helped me to experiment with diet and lifestyle changes. I took it into my own hands and now, months later, I'm so happy to be off drugs and without major symptoms! I don't know how to thank you!


Marketeer & mother, living with Colitis Ulcerosa

The Holofy advisor is now my go-to resource for any questions and recommendations related to health and vitality! I love the broad perspective and unbiased advice he provides. And he really cares. The products I'm using now have improved my vitality significantly. Don't want to be without anymore!


Designer & innovator, seeking to improve longevity & vitality

Although I consider myself fairly conscious, my daily life is packed and I barely have time for self-care. I needed help which is really effective. My Holofy advisor assembled a list of supplements for improved brain chemistry and energy. Wow, I could feel the effect quickly and now also integrated specific diet changes to my daily routine. Highly recommended!


Social therapist & father, seeking to improve stress & performance

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Pick your focus areas. No matter if stress, performance optimization, longevity, chronic diseases, or inner development: we have you covered!

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Analyze your current well-being

Determine your baseline with a holistic self-assessment and optional biomarker self-tests of our trusted partners.

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Achieve lasting well-being with the support of a dedicated Holistic Health Advisor and enjoy the many advantages of our membership!

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Meet the Holofy Collective:

"I really love the concept because it is so complex to navigate this space! Your approach is spot on: democratize access to holistic well-being and really empower people to take care of themselves."

Natalie Shriber

Holistic Coach & Healing Practitioner

"This is what the world needs: reliable tests that also cover the unconscious; and holistic approaches that can lead to real improvements on various layers, not just symptom treatment."

Pedro Nó

Functional Medicine & Osteopathy Therapist

"A major task as a coach is to see if a person resonates with my particular approach and if we can reach the root causes. Holofy helps with exactly this step, reducing blind activity & frustration for all."

Steven Ebbers

Breathwork & Somatic Therapist

"As a therapist, it's great to find a place to collaborate with others, so together we take a holistic view & provide the best service personalized for each being, no matter if remotely or in-person."

Amanda Kunga Lhamo

Yoga & Pilates Teacher, “Soul Therapist”

"I am blessed to be part of this movement. It's not just about the business, it's about helping people who are stuck or left with no solution currently."

Juan-Carlos T.

Naturopathy & Plant Medicine Expert

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