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Our advisors are not just experts in the fields of nutrition, supplementation, movement, inner work and biohacking, but also compassionate individuals committed to understanding your needs and supporting your unique aspirations and challenges on the path to health and well-being.

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Working with a Health Advisor
is highly Collaborative

In an Advisor Conversation, you will:

  • Receive Personalized Insights: Gain profound knowledge and strategies personalized to your current level of health understanding, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • Get Expert Recommendations: Benefit from evidence-based recommendations and holistic practices curated by seasoned health experts.
  • Receive an Individual Action Plan: Meet your step-by-step action plan broken down in 2-week self-experiment phases to initiate and sustain meaningful changes in your daily routine.

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Meet Some Holofy Advisors

Oliver Gassner
Functional Medicine | Naturopathy | Gut Health

With a background in molecular biology, Oliver has been researching and advising people on mind-body medicine practices for 15+ years. He has profound knowledge in nutrition, gut health, mitochondrial health, auto-immune conditions and neuro-science. He has been helping many people to overcome stress and chronic disease and is an expert to biohack your lifestyle for more vitality and mental performance.

Ana Narcisa Anghel
Personal Development | Meditation | Purpose

Ana is a certified personal development coach, mind-body medicine geek and community steward with 5+ years of experience in helping people to reach their full potential. She has been using approaches spanning mindfulness, positive psychology and behavior change to help people towards more vitality and new clarity.

Hallie Knight Hughes
Performance | Biohacking | Breathwork | Fitness

Hallie is a certified breath-work trainer, human optimization coach and biohacking geek with 5+ years of experience in helping people to reach their full potential. She is using approaches spanning neuroscience, nutrition, sleep-optimization, hormone balancing, weight management, positive psychology and behavior change to help people to move from stress to healthy productivity and longevity.