Empowering Holistic Health Practitioners

Increase your impact with clients and join the holistic movement.


Welcome to the new Home for Holistic Health Practitioners.

Join a pioneering platform built to amplify the impact of all the health & well-being practitioners out there: Nutrition, Naturopathy, Biohacking, Functional Medicine, Mindset, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Peak Perfomance and many others.

Peer Community

Join forces with a community of practitioners passionate about holistic self-empowerment to deliver truly holistic care for people.

Client Matchmaking

Enjoy precision matchmaking to connect to the right kind of clients, driven by our unique client assessment process.

Boost your Practice

Get everything you need to flourish: tips and tools to run your practice, access to affiliate revenues and more.


Attract the right clients via our precision match-making

Do the right clients really find your services?
Holofy allows people to easily select their individual goals to receive personalized recommendations. To identify specific needs and potential root-causes, we also offer deep-dive assessments and objective self-tests.


Enhance your impact through collaboration

Do your clients ask for recommendations?
Easily recommend top-tier products and synergistic health practitioners in the Holofy network to your clients and earn additional income. Rest assured that each recommendation has proven effectiveness and supports your client's specific needs.


Streamline your ongoing client engagement

Do you find it hard to provide ongoing support?
Our user-friendly dashboard allows clients to track progress, set goals and interact with you. Create an environment for lasting improvement and stay connected with your clients between touchpoints.


Optimize your coaching practice

Do you find it tiring to manage your backoffice?
Efficiently manage client engagements and your peer community via the Holofy dashboard. Access valuable data-driven insights from your clients and the market to enhance and improve your offering.


How it works

Create your Holofy Profile

Sign up to the Holofy Tribe and create your individual profile and offering. This is free forever and done easily.

Get  matched with Clients

Receive client requests and provide your services. We collect a small fee and take care of all the paperwork.

Amplify your Impact

Effortlessly manage client interactions, follow up on plans, and collaborate with others.


Welcome to the family!

Join the movement today and let’s make holistic well-being a reality for everyone!

Please provide some information about you to start your onboarding journey with Holofy and to unlock all the benefits of being part of the Tribe! You will be able to change and refine all data once you create your full profile on the Holofy marketplace platform.