Discover your
holistic self

Discovering your current baseline is the initial step to holistic well-being.

At Holofy, we view self-discovery as an ongoing journey. Your holistic self includes physical, mental, and emotional health, along with lifestyle facets and personal preferences. Uncover the puzzle leading to your true potential as you deepen your understanding of your unique health blueprint.

Our science-backed discovery process combines subjective feelings with objective lab results, ensuring a personalized approach.

Start My Journey
Level 1

Start by Defining Your Health Goals

This first step sets the frame. Pick your focus and let Holofy support and inspire you with the knowledge, testing-strategy, products and health practitioners best suited to achieve your well-being aspirations.

Level 2

Discover Your Well-being Archetype

Compare yourself to a database of thousands of people like you who indicated their well-being status, goals and challenges. Gain insights what helped others on in terms of nutrition, mental health, movement and more. This takes only 2 minutes!

Level 3

Holistic Self-Discovery

Many people struggle to get a 360° view on all aspects relevant for self-care. Holofy has assembled 50 thought-provoking questions suitable to provide a clear picture where you stand at the moment and where the root-cause of potential struggles may sit. This step enables you to get a truly personalized well-being plan. And people enjoy the self-reflection. Takes only 7 minutes!

Level 4

Your Individual
Testing Strategy

Most people at some point want hard data. But what to measure? We provide you with a tailor-made testing strategy that will get you the maximum insights at a fair price. We only work with certified and high-quality partners and help you to understand the results and take action based on it.